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Maximum capacity: - Can fit up to 1-2 Pro DSLRs with attached lens (up to 70-200mm f/2.8), 3-4 lenses, a flash and accessories, Tripod and 15” Laptop.

Well organized – numerous dedicated pockets, organizers and connectors for all essentials.

Tripod Carrying System and Connects to Handle of your wheel-along luggage

Dedicated front pocket for all Essentials.

Shoulder Strap, Waist panel, Accessories pouch and Rain Cover.

Veo Select 47 BF is a dynamic backpack that sets a new standard for adaptable carrying and working solutions. It offers versatility combined with reliable gear protection, like never before! Featuring a fully customizable main large compartment with Front opening.


The multitude of dividers and access points leave you the choice of just how much professional gear and how much personal gear to carry. Match your workflow preferences by hierarchal set-up and utilization of the multi-access points. Maximum capacity can fit up to 1-2 Pro DSLR with attached lens (up to 300mm f/4 lens), 4-6 lenses, a flash, and accessories, If carrying less gear one can easily turn this backpack into a hiking backpack.


Secure rear compartment protects up to a 15” laptop and can also fit a 14” tablet/Laptop in front pocket. Organize all other gear and personal essentials such as memory cards, cables, batteries, charger and smartphone, exactly where you need them; either secured in an organizer pocket, or on hand at any given moment in a slip-in pocket. Enjoy pockets with double access points from within and from without. Link, hang and sling on anything you can imagine using the multitude of straps, loops and innovative connection features integrated into the surface of the backpack.


The Veo Select 47 BF enjoys additional encompassing protection features, such as our total coverage rain cover, our second-to-none quality, materials, and bag construction, and our grab-and-go sturdy carrying handle along with extra grip handle to facilitate retrieving the backpack from the car boot or overhead bin.


Designed to carry heavy gear loads for extended periods of time, we set the bar for comfortable carrying at a new high. Our advanced ergonomic back and harness system features a well-padded breathable 3D back, uniquely shaped easily to adjust shoulder straps that perfectly contour to your back and torso, adjustable sternum strap and well-padded supporting waist belt. All these joins together to promise a ‘never-tire’ user experience!

Various advanced tripod connecting systems enable you to select the best transport solution for your tripod, lighting stands, and hiking sticks.  




    VEO Select Camera Bags -

    VEO Select Camera Bags- featuring unique backpacks helps you trek through city life and crowds, morphing between carrying styles as needed. Looking more like commuter bags than equipment carriers, these rugged, well-protected camera bags fly completely under the radar. In fact, VEO SELECT allows great adaptability to carry 100% professional camera, video, or drone gear to 100% personal daily effects, and everything in between.


    • SELECT your carrying style - backpack & shoulder bag in one • Multi-access & quick action - full rear opening, rapid side and top access • Gear up or down - multiple dividers allow endless gear and personal set-ups • Well organized- dedicated gear compartments and pockets for all essentials • Always supported-any VEO tripod connects and carries safely in left side pocket • Safe storage-concealed pockets front and back to secure travel document and wallet • Clean and dry - water resistant on the bottom, plus total coverage rain cover

    Gear Flexibility:

    Set-up versatility – with top compartment for either gear or personal needs, alternatively rearrange dividers for full equipment use and easy top access for camera with tele lens attached

    Convenient, Easy Access:

    VEO Select backpacks are designed to give you quick-access side openings to get to your camera quickly.

    Perfect for Travel Tripods:

    VEO Select Backpacks are designed to be used with any VEO Travel Tripod, VEO Select backpacks also let you strap on a tripod, so you can carry your whole rig on your back and keep your hands free.

    Diverse Carrying Style:

    Shoulder bag and backpack easily transform for a 2 in 1 pack carrying style.

    Built for Comfort:

    These well-padded backpacks feature breathable backs and extra-padded shoulder straps to keep you comfy while you carry your gear.

    Straps Fold Away:

    When in shoulder bag mode, the straps can be slotted away so they don't flap and get in the way as you go

    Travel Safe:

    All VEO Select have storage for your accessories, including a discreet pocket on the rear for wallet or passport on your travels

    Space for Tablets/Laptops:

    VEO Select Backpacks can take up to a 15" laptop

    Rain Cover:

    All VEO Select are made of high-quality weather resistant material, but include a rain cover for wetter days

    Vanguard VEO Select 47BF Backpack Black /G reen

    SKU: PV VEO 47BF
    ₹13,490.00 Regular Price
    ₹11,667.00Sale Price
      • Size

        16 Litre

      • Outer Dimension

        Height495mm X Length 310mm X Width 245mm

      • Inner Dimension

        Height 450mm X Length 260mm X Width 140mm

      • Weight

        2.10 KG

      • Laptop

        Up to 15”

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