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A high optical performance that features minimal chromatic aberration is mounted in an ergonomic design that anyone can use comfortably.


  • Lightweight + Ergonomic Design
  • High Optical Performance for minimal Chromatic Aberration
  • Bright, Wider Field of View

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Basic Information

Product name8 x 40 S / 10 x 50 S / 8-16 x 40 S
Box contentsSoft case, Strap, Objective / Eyepiece lens cap


Lightweight + Ergonomic Design

A design that lends a high-performance feel, like that of a high-end model, aims to foster a sense of possession, and makes it comfortable for anyone to use. Unnecessary elements have been removed for a minimal size, resulting in an overall sharp impression that produces a sense of high performance and a lightweight form.

Special elastic polymer coating is used to suppress reflections of light for optimal conditions when observing wild animals and birds. A textured design is employed on the grip where fingers rest, improving one's hold on the binoculars, which, along with the lightweight form, eliminates fatigue when using them for long periods of time. Employing the popular shape of the focus adjustment dial from the high-end models in a larger size makes it easy to accurately focus on objects.

  • 1. Special elastic polymer coating for anti-slip grip
    2. Large focus adjustment dial
  • 3. Grip designed for a sure hold

High level of optical performance for suppressed chromatic aberration

1. Eyepiece lens
2. Aspherical lens
3. Porro Prism
4. Objective lens
* 8x40S

A Porro prism enables a wider space between the left and right objective lenses, delivering the stereoscopic view unique to binoculars. The high optical technology cultivated on interchangeable lenses results in coating used on all lenses and the prism, along with the use of aspherical lenses.

The overall optical system is designed for minimal chromatic aberration and distortion, resulting in sharp, clear images.

  • Minimal chromatic aberration
  • Clear field of view to the edges of the image

Bright, Wider Field of View

Adoption of a large-diameter objective lens results to bright field of view.
Wide apparent field of view makes it a superior choice for observing moving subjects such as birds, animals, and people playing sports.

OLYMPUS Binocular 10X50 S

SKU: PO10X50 S
₹11,490.00 Regular Price
₹9,800.00Sale Price

  • Specifications

    Model name 8 x 40 S 10 x 50 S 8-16 x 40 S
    Prism type Porro Prism type Porro Prism type Porro Prism type
    Magnification 8x 10x 8 - 16x
    Objective lens diameter 40 mm 50 mm 40 mm
    Exit pupil diameter 5 mm 5 mm 5 - 2.5 mm
    Real field of view 8.2° 6.5° 5.0° - 3.4°
    Apparent angle of view 59.7°
    • Based on ISO 14132-1 : 2002 calculation
    • Based on ISO 14132-1 : 2002 calculation
    38.5° - 50.8°
    • Based on ISO 14132-1 : 2002 calculation
    Field of view at 1,000m 143 m 113 m 87 m - 59 m
    Relative Brightness 25 25 25 - 6.3
    Eye-relief 12 mm 12 mm 10 - 12 mm
    Diopter adjustment range Over ±2m-1 Over ±2m-1 Over ±1m-1
    Eye interval adjustment range 60 - 70 mm 60 - 70 mm 60 - 70 mm
    Close Focusing Distance 4 m 6 m 10 m
    Weight 715 g 855 g 795 g
    Size W x H x D (mm)
    (Width at maximum eye interval)
    183 x 142 x 60 192 x 178 x 64 183 x 154 x 60
    Lens construction 5 Elements 3 Groups 5 Elements 3 Groups 6 Elements 4 Groups
    Coating Single-layer coating Single-layer coating Single-layer coating
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