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    Experience an uniform and excellent lighting using this Godox Softbox SB-UBW80 80cm octa umbrella grid. It features a stretchable rip-stop nylon plating fabric and elastic steel rods that give it the perfect structure and makes it damage resistant. The silver screen interior spreads the light uniformly on the diffuser. The collar eases the mounting of the honeycomb. Moreover, it has a foldable design that makes it easy to be carried to parties or events.


  • Light Modifier that is useful for people conducting their sessions under time pressure or with limited space to store.
  • Characterized by a Short Folding and Unfolding Time, saving valuable time.
  • Resistant to Mechanical Damage and at the same time very light.
  • Interior is finished with a Silver Screen that distributes light evenly onto the diffuser.

Godox SB-UBW 80 Octagonal Umbrella Softbox 95cm For Speedlite

₹1,690.00 Regular Price
₹1,600.00Sale Price
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