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  • KODAK Pro Series Filters are manufactured with high quality solid optical Glass & the Variable ND Series is the answer to the demands of modern photographer. Our lens filters give photographers their desired control over any light environment and these benefits.

    1. KODAK Pro Variable Nd Filter is an all-in-one ND filter and gives you the freedom to choose from ND2 to Nd2000.

    2. Save Money & time: The KODAK Pro Filters saves money & time & you just need to carry 1 filter which can suit to different Condition, With 11 Stops you can choose from Nd2 to Nd2000

    3. KODAK Pro comes with 16 layer Multi Coating which gives the sharpest of Images Under Different Light Conditions

    4. Perfect for Slow Shutter Speed & Over Exposed Images”

Kodak Variable 55mm ND Filter for ND2-ND2000 (Black)

₹6,500.00 Regular Price
₹2,850.00Sale Price
    • Eliminates Over-Exposed & Washed Out Images.
    • One filter for different neutral density.
    • Can be used with slow shutter sped under strong sunlight exposure.
    • Variable Range with 11 stops for ND2-ND2000
    • Proactive case Packing to increase the life of filter.
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