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2-Person Interviews, Videos, Streaming

Connects to Cameras, iOS/Android Devices

2 x Clip-On Transmitter/Recorder Mics

Compact 2-Channel Receiver

Records 14 Hours of Audio

Bright OLED Display, Headphone Out

USB Audio Interface Functionality

Internal 5-Hour Batteries, Charging Case

Up to 820' Wireless Range


Content creators of all experience levels can raise the production values of their videos, interviews, and streaming with the DJI Mic, an easy-to-use, truly wireless digital microphone/recorder system that offers vivid audio quality while supplying all the elements needed to simultaneously capture two subjects to a DSLR/mirrorless cameras or iOS/Android smartphone. The system records clear and reliable audio at up to 820' via two miniature clip-on omnidirectional mics/transmitters, which double as backup recorders for worry-free wireless. The tiny receiver can either be mounted on a DSLR camera or DJI Action 2 camera or plugged directly into the Lightning/USB port of a smartphone or laptop. With Fast Pairing, the transmitters and the receiver automatically charge and pair as soon as you place them in the charging case. Simply complete the initial setup and you can be ready to record quality audio in seconds.



Wearable and Portable Microphones


  • For a truly wireless experience, conveniently attach a transmitter to whatever you're wearing via the integrated back clip (or by using the clip magnets) without having to wire yourself or your talent.
  • You can also hold the transmitter in your hand and use it as a handheld microphone. Use the transmitter as a lavalier mic (no need for a separate mic), or operate it as a traditional bodypack transmitter by plugging an external lav mic (available separately).
  • The internal mic features an omnidirectional pickup pattern that ensures reliable speech capture, even if mic placement is less than ideal; your subject's voice is captured with clarity, intelligibility, and consistency.
  • Weighing approximately 1 oz, the miniature transmitter is comfortable to wear, easy to position, and easy to conceal on camera.
  • Two furry windscreens are provided to effectively suppress wind noise while still recording clear sound.



High-Quality Audio with Flexibility for Post-Production


  • DJI Mic allows you to record high-fidelity, professional audio by accurately reproducing tone across a wide frequency range.
  • The microphones can be combined and recorded in mono or recorded separately with one person on the left and the other person on the right, allowing you to isolate each person's dialog and adjust each level individually later in post.
  • To ensure that you are capturing a clean signal you can monitor your sound via the receiver’s 3.5mm headphone output while recording
  • The Safety Track mode enables you to record a secondary audio track (in mono) as a backup with a lower volume of -6 dB (different from the main audio track), helping to safeguard your audio in case of unforeseen level spikes.


Built-In Recorders and Safety Track


  • Both transmitters have onboard recording capability with 8GB of storage for up to 14 hours of backup recording. This allows you to record audio directly to each transmitter as a backup in case of wireless interference and dropouts. You can also use the transmitters as standalone recorders.
  • Files are in 48 kHz/24-bit mono WAV format and can be transferred to your computer via the USB Type-C cable.



Reliable and Secure Wireless with Encryption

  • The DJI Mic is capable of recording crisp audio at distances of up to 820' using DJI's encryption technology for secure communications.
  • The optimized wireless transmission system ensures a stable and reliable stream of audio, even in busy areas such as train stations, shopping malls, and offices.
  • The system avoids interference from TV and radio waves by operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which occupies frequencies beyond those of television, radio transmissions, and UHF wireless microphone systems.


Easy to Operate with Built-In Touchscreen


  • The receiver's touchscreen interface makes it easy to configure the system.
  • You can view and adjust gain levels between -12 and +12 dB to find the perfect setting for your surroundings. Battery life, recording status, and wireless signal strength are also displayed.
  • The touchscreen can be used to remotely mute a transmitter’s microphone, start or stop recording, adjust headphone volume, and switch between stereo, mono, or -6db safety track.


Get a Full Day of Audio Recording


  • The ultra-portable charging case is the perfect home for DJI Mic. With it, you can charge the transmitters and receiver, conveniently store components, and fast-pair the system right out of the case.
  • Enjoy 5.5 hours of battery life from the transmitters, 5 hours from the receiver, and up to 15 hours with the charging case.


Vastly Compatible


  • Different devices mean different input adapters, and DJI Mic covers them all.
  • If you want to use the DJI Mic with a smartphone, just insert either the Lightning or USB Type-C adapter into the expansion port at the bottom of the receiver and connect it to your phone and start shooting.
  • The receiver can be mounted on the hot shoe of a DSLR/mirrorless camera via the included hot-shoe adapter. Use the 3.5mm TRS cable to connect the camera's 3.5mm mic connector to the receiver's 3.5mm audio-output connector and start filming on your camera.


DJI Mic Wireless Microphone System 2TX + 1RX

₹44,990.00 Regular Price
₹29,250.00Sale Price

    • Wireless Transmission

      Digital 2.4 GHz

    • Included Transmitters

      2 x Clip-On with Microphone

    • Diversity


    • RF Frequency Band

      2400 to 2483.5 MHz

    • RF Channel Scanning


    • Max Operating Range

      820.2' / 250 m (Line of Sight)

    • Max Microphones per Band


    • Built-In Recorder


    • Control App Support


    • Bluetooth

      Not Specified by Manufacturer

    • Encryption


    • Modulation


    • Form Factor


    • Mounting Options


    • Number of Audio Channels


    • Audio I/O

      1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Output 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Headphone Output

    • Audio Output Level

      -12 to +12 dB

    • Frequency Response

      50 Hz to 20 kHz (Dependent on Mic)

    • Network I/O


    • Word Clock I/O


    • USB/Lightning Connectivity

      1 x Lightning (Audio) 1 x USB Type-C (Audio, Charging)

    • RF Output Power

      100 mW (EIRP)

    • Power Requirements


    • Battery Type

      1 x Rechargeable (Included)

    • Internal Battery Capacity

      320 mAh

    • Battery Charging Time

      70 Minutes

    • Approx. Battery Life

      5 Hours (Lithium Rechargeable)

    • Display & Indicators

      LED (Battery Status, Channel, Level, Menu Navigation)

    • Operating Temperature

      14 to 113°F / -10 to 45°C

    • Dimensions

      1.9 x 1.3 x 0.7" / 47.4 x 32.2 x 17.3 mm

    • Weight

      0.9 oz / 24.9 g

    • Form Factor

      Clip-On with Microphone

    • RF Output Power

      100 mW

    • Battery Type

      1 x Rechargeable

    • Internal Battery Capacity

      320 mAh

    • Battery Charging Time

      70 Minutes

    • Approx. Battery Life

      5.5 Hours

    • Polar Pattern


    • Frequency Range

      50 Hz to 20 kHz

    • Equivalent Noise Level

      23 dB A-Weighted

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