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The Macro Twin Lite gives close-up and macro enthusiasts a different lighting option. It comes with a guide number of 26 that features full E-TTL control and E-TTL features including FEL, Hi-speed sync, and FEB. Capable of minimum light emission as low as 1/512, the light provides users with flexibility and control over the shadows and highlights during macro photography of small subjects such as insects, flowers and tiny trinkets—a boost to artistic expression. The two separate flash heads can be swiveled around the lens, tilted in different angles, aimed separately and even removed from their holder and mounted off-camera.

The flash recycle time is 5.5s. With the quick mode, it is reduced to 3.3s - all the better for capturing fleeting shutter opportunities. The flash unit comes bundled with a dedicated diffuser adapter that can soften the light from the flash for a more natural-looking output.

  • For use with all EOS cameras

Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-26EX-RT

₹64,999.00 Regular Price
₹60,000.00Sale Price
  • 2 years at Canon India Service Center All Over the India

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