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The BY-V series is a professional-grade wireless microphone system ideal for on-the-go recording, whether you're traveling, recording podcasts, or doing live streams. The BY-V10 is suitable for most Android devices with USB-C ports also comes with 1 transmitter & 1 receiver. It offers a high-quality audio solution at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wider range of users. 

  • Ultracompact & Lightweight
  • The BY-V series is compact, lightweight, also convenient to carry, with a transmitter weight of 9.5g as well as a receiver weight of 6g. It's easy to use, simply plug in the receiver to start recording immediately.
  • Simultaneous Live Broadcasting & Phone Charging 
  • A USB-C charging port is designed on the side of the BY-V series receiver. During recording, if your device needs to be charged, you can charge it by connecting to this USB-C port. Charging while recording is especially suitable for long recording sessions, such as streaming, course recording, etc.


  • Noise Cancellation Improves Audio Quality
  • The BY-V series is ideal for both conventional recording environments as well as noisy environments. The NR button on the transmitter activates the noise reduction mode, filtering out most environmental noise to leave only pure sound.  
  • Long Battery Life
  • The battery life of the BY-V series is impressive, the transmitter can work continuously for 9 hours after being fully charged, while the receiver does not need to be charged, eliminating the hassle of interrupting recording to charge the device.


Boya Mic BY-V10 (C-TYPE )

₹3,550.00 Regular Price
₹2,880.00Sale Price
    • Transmission Type


    • Poplar Pattern


    • Frequency Response


    • Signal-to-noise Ratio


    • Sensitivity


    • Operating Range

      50m (without obstacles)

    • RF Output Power


    • Charging Port


    • Transmitter's Battery Capacity


    • Transmitter's Charging Time

      Approx. 2 hours

    • Transmitter's Battery Life

      Approx. 9 hours

    • Receiver's Power Requirement

      Supplied by External Devices

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