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CFexpress Type B Card Built for High-Speed Continuous Shot Photography

Our AV PRO CFexpress SX Type B media card offers all the speed you need to shoot RAW photo and video in up to 12K with just the right amount of storage capacity for the job.

Featuring a sustained write performance of 1480 MB/s, the CFexpress SX supports non-stop, buffer-free high-definition frames in continuous shooting mode. Available exclusively in a 160 GB capacity, it’s the ideal media size with the right speed for capturing detailed stills and non-stop, burst photography of action sports, wildlife, fashion, news reporting, as well as Vlog posts and video clips in up to 12K RAW.

Sustained write speed of 1480 MB/s supports consistent write performance for non-stop continuous shooting throughout the capacity of the card.

Stable Stream™ offers uninterrupted read and write performance for high-definition results.

Adaptive Power Management improves battery run time while Host Power Loss Protection signals a safe shutdown to protect content in the event of a sudden power loss.

Advanced Thermal Management protects card and content from effects of overheating

Access Firmware Update capabilities for your card with the use of the Angelbird CFexpress Card Reader and ensure that camera compatibility and full features set remain optimal for the card's lifespa


  • Limited 3 YEAR warranty by Manufactrer at Their Service Center 

    Previous Booking require through their Toll Free No.

    Wrranty is for Product Only ( Any Loss due to Data loss,We & Manufactrer are not responsible)

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