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Photron Electronic Dry Cabinet PH-ED-80

Capacity (L)  :80
Input voltage  :110-220V AC/5V 2A DC”
Power :  5W/H
Quantity of Controller (PC) : 1
Dehumidity range  :25%-60%
Display mode : LED display
Quantity of Adjustable foot  :2
Internal size W*D*H(mm)  :378*360*543
External size W*D*H(mm)  :380*390*616
Package carton size W*D*H(mm) : 440*450*680
G.W.: (kg)  :14
N.G.: (kg)  :12.35

  • Digital LCD display
  • Best moisture damage prevention
  • Auto Memory Last RH Setting
  • Slide/ Pullable Trays
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Genuine Product
  • GST Invoice + 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty



Protect your lenses, photographic and optical equipment, mobile electronics, and other valuable accessories from excessive moisture, dirt, and dust with the Photron Electronic Dry Cabinet. The cabinet’s fast-acting TE Cooling Wafer regulates the interior’s relative humidity to help prevent fungus and corrosion that can damage your gear. Humidity adjustments take place over a 1- to 3-hour period.


Fully-featured, the cabinet has a lockable, rubber-sealed glass door, with two keys, and a front metal handle. A large, dimmable LCD displays ambient temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius), relative humidity, and other settings. Interior LED lights make viewing and finding gear easier, and both the base and the adjustable steel shelf is padded to help guard against scratches.


The Electronic Dry Cabinet is powered by an included multi-voltage power supply. In addition to being near silent, without a fan or compressor to make noise, the unit is also dripless, eliminating the need for a water tray. To prevent unwanted movement, the bottom of the cabinet has four rubber feet and two are levelling feet for installing on uneven surfaces.

Photron PH-ED-80 Electronic Dry Cabinet

₹24,990.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹12,995.00बिक्री मूल्य
Please Call@9969610645
  • Specifications

    Capacity  (L) 80
    Input voltage 110-220V AC/
    5V 2A DC
    Power 5W/H
    Quantity of Controller (PC) 1
    Dehumidity range 25%-60%
    Display mode LED disply
    Quantity of Adjustable foot 2
    Internal size W*D*H(mm) 378*360*543
    External size W*D*H(mm) 380*390*616
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