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Lightweight Design with 6.6 lb Payload

OLED Touchscreen with Auto Lock

Automated Axis Locks

Supports Wireless Image Transmitter

12-Hour Operation Time

Combo with Focus Pro Motor

2nd-Gen Native Vertical Shooting

Joystick or Bluetooth Mode Switching

Teflon-Coated Axes

DJI RS 4 Gripping Storytelling

Elevate your solo content creation with the DJI RS 4, a lightweight commercial stabilizer engineered for next-generation native vertical shooting and a seamless creative experience


Unleash Your Creativity

Effortless Vertical Shooting: Transition flawlessly between horizontal and vertical orientations with the second-generation native vertical shooting design – no additional accessories required.

Intuitive Joystick Control: Manage zoom and gimbal movement simultaneously with the conveniently positioned joystick mode switch.

Frictionless Balancing: Achieve precise camera balancing down to the millimeter with the Teflon™-coated axes and fine-tuning knob.

Powerful Payload Capacity: Comfortably operate the RS 4 with a variety of mainstream mirrorless camera and lens combinations, thanks to its robust 3kg (6.6lbs) payload capacity.

Expanded Control Ecosystem: Unlock a world of possibilities with the RSA communication port, enabling connection to the DJI RS Tethered Control Handle and various third-party accessories.

Extended Runtime (Optional): Boost your operating time to an impressive 29.5 hours with the DJI RS BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip (sold separately).

Supported Builds

The RS 4 empowers you to capture captivating visuals with its enhanced operational efficiency, upgraded accessory ecosystem, and improved stabilization performance.

Professional-Grade Creation

  • Seamless DJI PRO Integration: Leverage the power of professional-grade features from DJI PRO products to streamline your solo content creation process.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Control: Take remote command of your camera’s shutter and zoom functions with convenient Bluetooth connectivity.
  • DJI Focus Pro Motor Support (Optional): Enhance your creative control by pairing the RS 4 with the new DJI Focus Pro Motor (optional) for precise lens focus and zoom adjustments via dial or joystick
  • Benefits at Your Fingertips

  • Fast Deployment: Get started quickly with the intuitive second-generation native vertical shooting functionality.
  • Unparalleled Balancing: Achieve perfect camera balance with the low-friction Teflon™ coating and fine-tuning knob.
  • Automatic Screen Lock: Conserve battery life and prevent accidental touches with the new auto-lock function for the OLED touchscreen
  • Customization and Control

  • Customizable Trigger Function: Set the trigger to FPV mode for intuitive gimbal movement that mimics the direction of the grip.
  • Versatile Gimbal Mode Switch: Quickly switch between Pan Follow (PF), Pan-Tilt Follow (PTF), and FPV modes to adapt to various shooting scenarios.
  • Extensive Accessory Ecosystem: Broaden your creative horizons with a variety of accessories connectable via the RSA communication port, including the DJI RS Tethered Control Handle and third-party control handles and remote-control ring handles.
  • Open Development Potential: The DJI RS SDK Protocol empowers developers to create customized functions for the RS 4, catering to diverse shooting requirements.
  • DJI RS BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip (Optional): Extend your runtime to an impressive 29.5 hours and power your camera or accessories with the optional BG70 grip.
  • Integrated Shooting Experience (Optional): Achieve seamless shooting with high-definition live feeds, remote gimbal and camera control, and more using the DJI Ronin Image Transmitter (optional).
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Leverage your existing DJI RS series accessories, such as the RS BG30 Battery Grip, RS Focus Motor (2022), and Ronin Image Transmitter, with the RS 4.
  • DJI RS 4: Capture Captivating Content

    Effortless second-generation native vertical shooting Joystick mode switch for zoom and gimbal control Teflon™-coated axis arms for smoother balancing 3kg (6.6lbs) payload capacity with extended tilt axis RSA communication port for extensive control ecosystem High-capacity battery grip for approx. 2.5x battery runtime

  • Requires DJI Ronin app for initial activation.
  • Battery runtime figures based on specific testing conditions. Refer to official documentation for details.
  • Rebalancing is required when switching between horizontal and vertical shooting modes.
  • For camera and lens compatibility information, please refer to the official compatibility list.
  • DJI Focus Pro Motor sold separately in the standalone RS 4 version.
  • Start capturing captivating content today. Buy the DJI RS 4

      DJI RS4 Gimbal Stabilizer

      SKU: PD DJI RS4
      ₹69,000.00 नियमित मूल्य
      ₹48,490.00बिक्री मूल्य
      • One Year At Serivce Center 

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