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Super Telephoto Made Compact and Lighter

Capture distant subjects so close that they look like they’re about to burst out of the frame! The RF800mm f/11 IS STM brings the joy of super telephoto photography to budget-conscious enthusiast photographers, in a compact, lightweight form factor that is easy to carry around. Pair it with one of the RF extenders, and even the details of the moon will be within reach.

  • Weighs approximately 1 260g
  • Image Stabilisation of up to 4 stops
  • Compatible with Extender RF 1.4x & RF 2x reach up to 1 600mm


Up Close and Personal

Love shooting sports, airplanes, wildlife or distant landscapes? The 800mm focal length lets you fill the frame with distant subjects using the full camera resolution—no more drastic cropping to get your ideal composition!

To get even closer, pair with Extender RF1.4x or Extender RF2x to extend reach to up to 1 600mm.


Image Stabilisation

To combat the camera shake that happens when shooting at ultra-long focal lengths, the RF800mm f/11 IS STM comes with a built-in Optical Image Stabilizer (Optical IS) that provides up to 4 shutter speed stops’ image stabilisation. This lets you shoot sharper shots, even by hand with a slower shutter speed in low light!

Canon Lens RF800mm f/11 IS STM

SKU: PC RF 800MM 11
  • Specifications

    Angle of View (Diagonal) 03°05′
    Angle of View (Horizontal) 02°35′
    Angle of View (Vertical) 01°40′
    Closest Focusing Distance (m, ft) 6.0m / 19.69ft
    Construction (Groups Elements) 8-11
    Diameter x Length 101.6 x 281.8mm (Retracted)
    101.6 x 351.8mm (Extended for Shooting)
    Distance Scale -
    Drive System Stepping Motor-Driven Lead Screw + Rack System
    Filter Size 95mm
    Maximum Magnification (x) 0.14
    Minimum Aperture f/11 (Fixed f/11 Aperture)
    Number of Diaphragm Blades -
    Anti-dust and Moisture Not supported
    Weight 1 260g
    Accessories (Lens Cap) E-95
    Accessories (Lens Hood) ET-101
    Accessories (Lens Bag) LZ1435
  • 2 years at Canon India Service Center All Over the India

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