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• Up to 300 meters of wireless transmission. • Separate noise cancellation control - 48kHz/ 24bit HD audio format retained. • Wide-range 20-20,000Hz frequency response - deliver exceptional high-quality sound. • 8G memory storage & up to 15 hours of recording. • Up to 10 hours of operating time (about 6 hours when the onboard recording is enabled). • Comes with a windproof capsule - minimize unwanted wind noise. • Attach the transmitter can be to your clothes with the included magnet. • Rotating clasp-type fur windshield, not easy to fall off. • Receiver’s 3.5mm headphone output - monitor your audio in real-time or playback audio.


  • For Content Creation, Vlogging
  • 2-Person Shoots with Camera or Phone
  • 2 x Transmitters with Built-In Mics
  • Dual-Channel Receiver
  • Interchangeable Adapters, Lavalier Mics
  • 984.3' Line-of-Sight Transmission
  • Safety Track, Noise Cancellation
  • Internal 8GB Transmitter Memory
  • 3.5mm TRS Ports, Built-In Batteries
  • OLED Screen, Charging Case

Product Information

The BOYAMIC is a portable 2.4GHz wireless microphone system. It features high-performance noise cancellation, which is available for improving the recording effect in a noisy environment. It also boasts a remarkable onboard recording which is available for storing your recording files in real-time. The BOYAMIC is perfect for live streaming, vlogging, mobile journalism, and more. What's more, equipped with a low-cut filter, the wireless microphone can eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise (75Hz/150Hz or lower) in your recording.

Record improved audio with your compatible camera, USB-C mobile device, or Lightning mobile device using the BOYAMIC 2-Person Wireless Microphone System from BOYA. The system includes two clip-on transmitters with omnidirectional microphones, two lavalier microphones, and a dual-channel receiver with interchangeable USB-C and Lightning adapters. Record in mono, stereo, or safety track modes and use noise cancellation technology to customize your audio experience and mitigate negative effects from sudden outdoor noises. The system also includes a 3.5mm TRS audio cable, a USB-A to USB-C cable, mounting magnets, furry windscreens, foam windscreens, and a charging case.

Dual-Channel Receiver

The receiver features interchangeable adapters that allow you to plug it directly into your USB-C or Lightning mobile device. A 3.5mm TRS output can also connect to a compatible camera for simultaneous recording to two devices. Output audio in mono, stereo, or safety track modes depending on the needs of your production. All of your system settings can be controlled using the onboard buttons and OLED screen. The integrated clip doubles as a mount by sliding into your camera's cold shoe slot. Monitor your audio signal using the headphone port.

Clip-On Transmitters with Internal Storage

Integrated omnidirectional microphones on the transmitters capture crisp audio in your next 2-person vlog or livestream. The transmitters can capture audio with a 48 kHz/24-bit sampling rate and a maximum 120 dB SPL. You can record audio directly to each transmitter thanks to their 8GB internal memory for up to 15 hours of backup recording. A 3.5mm TRS input accommodates a lavalier microphone for low-profile recording. Integrated back clips attach to your talent's lapel, belt, or even hat brim. For trickier fabrics use the included magnets.

984.3' Transmission Distance

All the components of the BOYAMIC system can communicate to one another from up to 984.3' away via line-of-sight 2.4 GHz technology. This means the BOYAMIC thrives in long-distance recording environments.

Long Battery Life

The transmitter units feature built-in 220mAh batteries that can function for 10 hours when not recording internally and 6 hours when internal recording is engaged. The receiver features a 300mAh battery with an 11-hour runtime. Use the USB-C ports on the devices to recharge in 1.5 hours. Alternatively, the included recording case can store and charge all of the components with its 1800mAh battery.


₹21,500.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹15,000.00बिक्री मूल्य
  • Transmitter

    Transmission Type

    2.4GHz digital frequency



    Polar Pattern


    Operating Range

    Up to 300m (Measured in open environment without obstacles and interference.)

    RF Output Power


    Frequency Response


    Maximum SPL

    115dB SPL

    Sampling/ Bit Rate

    48kHz / 24bit



    Signal-to-Noise Ratio




    Audio Input

    Built-in microphone capsule; 3.5mm TRS mic input or line input

    Power Requirements

    Built-in lithium-ion battery / Charging contacts / USB-C charging port (DC 5V)

    Battery Capacity


    Battery Life

    ≈6 hours (onboard recording enabled) / ≈10 hours (onboard recording disabled)

    Charging Time

    ≈1.5 hours



    Maximum Recording Time Stored

    ≈15 hours

    Recording Format






    Operating Temperature

    0℃ to +50℃

    Storage Temperature

    -10℃ to +50℃




    Transmission Type

    2.4GHz digital frequency



    Polar Pattern


    Operating Range

    Up to 300m

    Charging Case

    Battery Capacity


    Charging Time

    ≈2.5 hours

    Charging Connector

    USB-C charging port (DC 5V)/ Wireless Charging

    Times for Charging Microphone






    Operating Temperature

    0℃ to +50℃

    Storage Temperature

    -10℃ to +50℃

  • Packing List

    - Transmitter *2

    - Receiver *1

    - Charging Case *1

    - MFi Certified Lightning Adapter *1

    - USB-C Adapter *1

    - Magnet *2

    - Fur Windshield *2

    - 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS Audio Cable *1

    - USB-A to USB-C Cable *1

    - USB-A to USB-C Adapter *1

    - Carrying Pouch *1

    - Lavalier Microphone *2

    - Mic Clip for Lavalier Microphone *2

    - Foam Windscreen for Lavalier Microphone *2

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