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Benro N2 Dual Action Ball Head With PU60 Quick Release Plate

Product Highlights

  • Stable and at the same time light aluminium/magnesium alloy,
  • Arca Swiss-compatible change system
  • Easy to use, only 1 locking lever
  • Additional friction
  • Panorama scaling

Benro N2 Dual Action Ball Head With PU60 Quick Release Plate: Benro N2 Ball Head is designed to facilitate both smooth movement and stable camera positioning.

Compact and lightweight and feature Arca Swiss style Quick Release with an additional safety device to minimise the risk of “unseating” the camera. The head incorporates full ball and pan movements with an additional drag control.

The N2 ball head is fully compatible with compact and SLR cameras and compatible with most Benro and with some other tripods. The ball head is compact, lightweight, stylish and durable.

Built in spirit level provides perfect leveling of the camera. The N2 head supports the load up to 12 Kg.


Benro N2 Ball Head

₹7,500.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹4,500.00बिक्री मूल्य
  • Head type N2 ball Head
    Ball Diameter 44mm
    Base Diameter 60mm
    Max Height 99mm
    Max Load 12 kg
    Screw 1/4″
    To Fit Tripod 2#, 3#
    Weight 0.41kg
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